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Works Consulting offers comprehensive Geographic Information System solutions and services with expertise in transportation GIS & Linear Referencing Systems (LRS).


Works Consulting is currently seeking to staff a full-time Analyst position to work with our existing staff in Gilbert Arizona. Work activity will consist, among other things, of feature extraction from roadway construction plans into GIS databases, transportation data visualization, and of compiling and processing of vehicle traffic data. Growth opportunities also exist for ArcGIS programmers, technicians, and analysts with experience in Visual Studio, Python, SQL, and Esri ModelBuilder


Applicants should show an interest and ability to work in the fields of engineering and transportation using information technology consisting specifically of geographic information system (GIS) software by Esri.  Proficiency in ArcMap is required.  Experience/interest in traffic safety planning, ITS, statistical analysis, documentation, and data visualization skills are a plus.  Candidates who have completed or are near completion of a degree in GIS, highway engineering, computer science, or related fields are strongly encouraged to apply.  Experienced GIS specialists, planners, and/or programmers are also encouraged to apply.

Please make inquiry by email to:

Pay rate: Depends on qualifications

Hours per week: Full-time

Number of positions: 1 or more

Posting date: 7/15/2019  (open until filled)

About Works Consulting LLC

Works Consulting is an Arizona-based team of Transportation Data and GIS experts specializing in the creation, maintenance, and analytics of transportation information that carries spatial context. We are nationally known for our data scrubbing and analytic capabilities, primarily through services using our LrsTools for ArcGIS extensions inside of the Esri GIS software framework ( Our clients are transportation agencies, in Arizona and elsewhere, that manage or depend on roadway, accident, and/or traffic count information. Our existing staff consist of registered transportation engineers, planners, programmers, and GIS specialists.

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